“A loyalty program provides an all-encompassing platform to build and grow lasting customer relationships, and yet not enough companies are recognizing what the real secret is.”

The true driver behind a successful modern program is Big Data—the detailed information it captures on consumers through an array of interactions across all channels.

Generating customer insight from a program positions companies to keep buyers coming back and to spend more and more often, and even move to higher margin products.”

- Excerpt from Chief Marketer, December 2015 / GI Insight Survey

Built for Speed & Mass Personalization at Scale

The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud Platform is built on top of modern cloud-scale consumer technologies, such as Hadoop, which have been proven to support massive scale consumer platforms.

Most systems and technologies think in terms of batch jobs and 24-hour latent response. Not ours.

We believe today’s world demands real-time engagement – in the moment, when it matters. Especially with rich mobile solutions – the cloud server matters.

Stellar Loyalty’s technology was designed with the purpose of helping customers take concepts and ideas and translate these into reality in days and weeks – not years.

We offer rich mobile and web software development kits (SDKs), combined with a powerful meta-data driven development approach, to deliver business configuration with seamless upgradability.

  • Contextual & Relevant
  • Fast-Changing Content
  • Global Deployments
  • Unlimited Scalability


The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud Platform is a metadata driven system. Metadata authored in the web-based Stellar Marketing Console drives all aspects of the program, including:

  • how many and what type of points are used by the program
  • what types of activities are processed
  • which member attributes are stored and which member preferences are captured

The metadata is 100% preserved during platform updates.

Complementing the metadata is a powerful business rules engine with built-in domain specific semantics to empower marketers and program administrators to define earn, redemption, expiration, tiering and triggered action rules.

The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud Platform is content-centric and content-driven. Examples of program content include: offers, surveys, games and rewards. All program content is managed consistently in terms of content presentation, eligibility, date effectivity, publication, and archival. Learn once and apply everywhere!


The Stellar Marketing Console includes built-in, ready-to-use dashboards, segmentation, and loyalty analytics that empower marketers to analyze consumer interactions and personalize messages like never before.

Unlike traditional application architectures, Stellar Loyalty’s Hadoop-based big data architecture enables analytics on the transactional data itself. This provides analytic insights in real-time on the most current transactional data, without needing any ETL (extract- transform-load) or a separate data warehouse.


The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud delivers consistent, targeted content to consumers across all channels, based on the consumer’s demographic, preferences, location, and historical information.

At the same time, Stellar Loyalty client applications deliver an engaging experience by exploiting the latest user interface technologies.

Stellar Loyalty’s mobile-first and mobile-best design integrates social networks, payment and offers with location-aware services to create exceptional and relevant experiences.

Supported channels include:

Mobile-Native iOS and Android apps and Software Development Kit (SDK)
Web-Member portal and Javascipt SDK
Messages-Push notifications, emails, SMS/MMS
Social-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


The Stellar Cloud Platform was architected with the notion that marketers need to have a unified and comprehensive view of consumers and their activities, spanning information captured in various applications and platforms.

As a result, our integration architecture consists of a comprehensive set of real-time and batch APIs that expose every major module for consumption and data interchange.

Integration scenarios include:

  • POS Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • DMP Integration
  • Member Identity Integration
  • Communication Channels Integration
  • Business Process Integration