Tailored For Your Business

Each consumer relationship is distinctive. Every industry is unique.
We help our clients develop a consumer relationship radar, execute individualized engagement strategies,
and deliver valuable experiences to build more loyal and profitable relationships.

We do this by tailoring the Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud to meet industry-specific needs.


The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud for Retail offers real-time consumer interaction profiles and omni-channel engagement, branded mobile and web apps, and rich analytics for segmentation, lifetime value, and reach / frequency / monetary (RFM) calculations.

Employ consumer interaction intelligence and lookalike modeling to more precisely segment, target and improve offer recommendations.

Increase basket size via a modern clienteling solution, and profile-driven cross-sell and upsell promotions

Retain loyal consumers via personalized experiences: know when and how to reach them with relevant offers, two-way engagement and location-based communication

Consumer Goods

With the Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud for Consumer Goods you will engage directly with your consumers, gather valuable 1st-party data, cultivate advocates and referrals, and increase share of consumer category spend.

Reach your consumers through a highly scalable and flexible modern rewards program and encourage brand engagement to glean preferences, purchasing behaviors, demographic and social insights

Foster advocacy and referrals through your branded community and mobile and web apps, delivering unique members-only experiences, special events, contests and offers

Identify and foster high value brand loyalists, and improve targeting and trade promotions by mining real-time consumer interaction profile data


The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud for Hospitality is designed for massive scalability, delivering personalized guest experiences, robust rewards programs, branded apps and real-time analytics for more loyal and profitable interactions.

Increase profitable relationships by analyzing and tailoring engagement strategies based on guest spend/ frequency, revenue per room, and maximum lifetime value

Differentiate your loyalty and engagement program with immersive experiences, gamification and experiential rewards

Amplify the guest experience across all touchpoints before, during and after each stay through branded mobile apps and location-aware services


The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud for Restaurants will delight your loyal diners with personalized experiences and mobile app conveniences, while helping you to increase average ticket size and improving table turnover rates.

Recognize and retain your most loyal diners with tailored offers, preferred waitlists, and dining rewards

Improve diner satisfaction and table turnover rates with mobile app for reservations, pre-ordering and payments

Solicit immediate server performance feedback from diners via mobile app, and motivate servers with staffing leaderboards


The Stellar Fan Relationship Cloud helps sports teams and stadiums maximize fan lifetime value and improve sponsorship ROI by understanding and applying fan data and real-time analytics, and executing targeted multi-channel promotions and engagement.

Capture and analyze fan interaction data to improve segmentation and deliver targeted offers to boost sponsorship activations

Increase spend per fan by identifying and converting casual fans to die-hard fans and reach them with relevant in-the-moment promotions

Amplify the game experience across all touchpoints before, during and after

Consumer Entertainment

The Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud for Consumer Entertainment is designed to help you identify and segment your consumers, more effectively tailor content and offers, and increase engagement and purchase frequency and depth.

Build brand loyalty through contextual engagement, gamification, and valuable rewards

Capture your consumers’ preferences, purchasing behaviors, demographics and social insights to more precisely segment, cross-sell and upsell

Increase profitable interactions by modelling lookalikes, targeting high value consumers, and converting potentials to loyal consumers

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