Stellar Industry Cloud Solutions

Each consumer relationship is distinctive. Every industry is unique.
We help our clients develop a consumer relationship radar, execute individualized engagement
strategies, and deliver valuable experiences to build more loyal and profitable relationships.

We do this by tailoring the Stellar Consumer Relationship Cloud to meet industry-specific needs.
Out of the box, ready to run. Are you ready?


Competition is fierce and consumers are mesmerized by an abundance of choice.

Stellar Loyalty helps restaurant operators put themselves in their guests’ shoes to create a compelling experience across all channels, one that will build loyalty, frequency and spend.

We bring modern technology, CRM expertise and digital DNA to help our clients out-innovate, outpace and win.

Know Your Customer. Grow Your Revenue. Achieve Stellar Results.

“The rollout of the Stellar Loyalty platform at our initial locations was very successful. OC Rewards is sophisticated with complex rules. The Stellar Loyalty solution effectively met our requirements out of the box. An efficient and reliable deployment that was transparent to our guests. We are now on track for a full rollout to all Old Chicago locations nationwide.”

Jason Siska Sr. Manager of Loyalty and CRM
CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.


Consumers want experiences. Personalized. Convenient. Fast. Immersive and unique. In store and online, consumers want instant gratification, recognition and rewards.

Stellar Loyalty works with retailers to create omni-channel engagement and loyalty programs. We segment and tailor campaigns to consumer personas and journeys. Out of-the-box retail analytics improve impact and results.

We help retailers create signature moments that entice, encourage behaviors, and achieve desired outcomes.

Know Your Customer. Grow Your Revenue. Achieve Stellar Results.

“Positioning the consumer at the very centre of our strategy is essential for THUN as a best-in-class retailer. VALUE LAB and Stellar Loyalty bring strong experience in to advise and support THUN through all stages, from integration and optimization of the existing processes and technologies to delivering on the results.“

Paolo Denti, CEO


It’s not your father’s lottery anymore. Today’s mobile, on-the go, tech-savvy consumers expect frictionless experiences. Lotteries must embrace new technology and customer strategies to retain loyal customers and acquire new players.

Stellar Loyalty works with lotteries to deliver omni-channel loyalty and engagement programs, bridging in-store and digital interactions. With lottery-specific dashboards, analytics and segmentation, we tailor and execute campaigns. We personalize offers and communications, and we surprise and delight with unique promotions and rewards.

Understand Your Players. Engage, Motivate and Reward Behaviors.

“PlayOn has been a good addition to the Kansas Lottery. We’ve seen a steady increase of members engaging in the new program and we really believe it adds fun and excitement via the many more ways it offers players to WIN prizes and big bucks.”

Terry Presta, Executive Director,
Kansas Lottery

Travel & Hospitality

Stellar Loyalty helps hospitality brands retain and deepen their customer relationships by transforming guest interaction data into a competitive advantage. The Stellar Loyalty platform enables travel brands to differentiate by knowing their guests, mapping to personas and journeys, and designing the “right” experiences for their guests to motivate behaviors.

Powered with modern technology and the flexibility to quickly segment, tailor and customize, travel and hospitality brands can continue to enrich every guest experience.

Deliver Stellar Experiences. Gain & Retain Guest Share of Wallet.

“As GreenTree Inn expands its presence in the US and throughout the world, we look forward to replicating our loyal following in Asia through a unique membership experience that truly rewards travelers. Stellar Loyalty’s cutting-edge technology combined with its services spanning strategy, operations, and analytics, makes them a valuable partner to help us achieve our customer engagement goals.”

Amanda Saye, Marketing Manager
GreenTree Hospitality Group

Consumer Goods/Media

Consumer goods and media companies know it’s imperative to connect directly with their end customers. With a rich customer database, modern loyalty and engagement platform, robust analytics and segmentation capabilities, brands can effectively learn about their consumers, build 1:1 relationships, and deliver meaningful and motivating offers and content.

Stellar Loyalty works with a range of consumer goods & media companies to design unique programs that incorporate engagement and game tactics, surveys and social challenges, sweepstakes, refer-a-friend campaigns and receipt-scanning to track and reward purchases.

Build Stellar 1:1 Relationships. Personalize, Engage, Reward.

“We’ll be personalizing our member experiences even more with the Stellar Loyalty platform. The opportunity we have with personalization is to gain a better understanding of our members’ preferences and leverage those insights to provide more meaningful and relevant 1:1 experiences.”

Lucy Scinocca, Director of Loyalty and Customer Insight