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  • Siebel – Founders Circle; Building CRM and 1st Gen Loyalty
  • SkyData – Co-founders Pioneers in Mobile
  • SAP and Sybase – Leading Mobile & Cloud Strategies
  • Strategic Advisor Analyzing 100+ Cloud Companies – Advances in Cloud & Big Data
  • Stellar Loyalty – Co-Founders Big Data Consumer Relationship Cloud
  • Causata – Digital Marketing + Big Data Customer Experience, Machine Learning

Stellar Loyalty offers a solution to CMOs whatever their brand challenges are.

" For those brands struggling with a loyalty strategy, Stellar Loyalty can really help. Not just by providing more value to the consumer–but also with real-time analytics and real-time adjustments with loyalty programs to continue to make them better and better."

another app?

"So what's in it for the consumer to join your loyalty program? A lot of friction is out there to prevent them from joining yet another program and downloading yet another loyalty app on their phone. What will motivate the anonymous user to be known and engaged? That is an aspect that we can really help brands with. The mobile experiences are new and exciting engagement methods. Location and location-based services are part of it. Simplicity, beauty of the mobile app matter.

Mobility is changing incredibly rapidly.

Technology is moving quickly. We can help tie the loose ends together and deliver a Stellar Loyalty experience."

"Engagement is everything."

"Loyalty systems should be systems of engagement, where the loyalty program is delivering whatever the brand needs, whatever KPIs are needed – either frequency of visit or larger share of basket.

On the flip side, the consumer is enjoying the experience. The loyalty program is enabling that brand's KPIs by engagement. This is a huge difference from the way loyalty programs have been perceived in the past."

"No spam for me,
thank you."

"We ask consumers 'what is the name of a great loyalty program you are part of?' A common response is 'I don't like them' or 'I don't join them. ' I ask 'why?' They say 'I don't want to be spammed.' This is state of the art right now. You get a shiny card and a bunch of worthless emails. The bar is really set quite low for the ability to leverage the technology advances and deliver a completely new and exciting experience for the consumer."

"Our talented team is truly
both talented and a team."

"We had the good fortune to be associated with many really good companies over the years. But like most people, we have had some speed bumps along the way where the experience was not that great.

When we formed this company, it was very important first and foremost for us to bring together an incredible group of people who are exceptionally talented.

In our employees we trust

They are not just talented --culturally they also need to be clearly focused on a team mentality.

We want to deliver a fantastic experience to all those around us who are associated with our brand. We want our customers, their brand and their consumers to have a fantastic experience. And we want our partners and our employees to have a fantastic experience.

We believe this thinking will serve us well. There are many challenges in life -- why not enjoy the ride?"

"You have a voice."

''We are family-oriented and encourage our people to spend time with their family. We have a very open culture where everyone has a voice, no matter what the job or position.

We spend the time to talk and hear their opinions — we want people to contribute. And we have fun. No matter where our team members are, across all cultures, they are all part of the extended team and add to the cultural mix."

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