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Harlequin Romances Customers

I recently read a user story about how Harlequin—the publisher of romance novels—keeps its customers loyal. I don’t usually give a plug to a company like this but for what it’s worth, Stellar Loyalty provides technology to make loyalty happen. What’s interesting to me is how many of the ideas in my current book (“You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty…” (I know another plug)) get put to good use by this publisher. The things that I think work really well include emphasizing a consciousness of customer loyalty, keeping things simple, and focusing on personalizing relationships and engagement.

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Why Aren’t Most QSR/Fast Casual Loyalty Programs Living Up to their Brand’s Promise?

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Fast Casual restaurants have virtually written the playbook about how to deliver quality to millions – and billions – of customers across all aspects of the dining experience (the service, the food, and the value) without sacrificing speed.

From “Spray and Pray” to “Know and Grow”

Traditional advertising has been under fire for some time. The Wall Street Journal writes that “TV Ad Sales [is] on Shaky Ground”. The article “Spray and Pray: Why Does Anyone Still Buy Advertising?” points out that traditional advertising is spray and pray, where the best you can do is post-fact correlation.