Stellar Loyalty provides modern, cloud software solutions for engaging and building loyalty with your customers fluidly across channels. Our best-in-class mobile capabilities enable frictionless and immersive interactions that can transform your consumers’ experiences and improve your bottom line.


ACQUIRE - Precisely target marketing instead of spray-and-pray

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    Stellar Offers

    Define, manage, and target highly personalized offers that are consistently executed across multiple channels including mobile, web, email, and social.

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    Stellar Audiences

    Segment consumers based on their demographic profile, stated and learned preferences, activity history, and 3rd party data, and use this deep audience insight to target all marketing efforts.

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    Stellar Referrals

    Enable and reward your loyal consumers to be your vocal advocates on their social networks and to recruit and promote via referrals.

ENGAGE - Earn consumer loyalty through fun, immersive, bi-directional engagement

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    Stellar Challenges

    Present opportunities for consumers to respond to a wide range of challenges including user-generated-content submissions, social media engagement, polls and surveys, progressive profile enrichment, and fun engaging games.

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    Stellar Communications

    Send highly targeted and personalized transactional and marketing emails, push messages, and SMS/MMS messages. Communicate using engaging news feeds and social streams.

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    Stellar Leaderboards

    Drive competition and sense of accomplishment with individual, friend and team leaderboards.

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    Stellar Augmented Reality

    Engage consumers in-location with Augmented Reality technology. Leverage consumers’ mobile phones to bring to life physical product and marketing displays and other images.

TRANSACT - Make every consumer interaction a delight with frictionless transactions

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    Stellar Orders

    Capture and process orders from mobile app, web, in-store kiosks and tablets. Dynamic store-specific product catalogs, customizable products, favorite orders. Store staff can use the store module to accept and process orders.

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    Stellar Payments

    Use stored value cards and gift cards to streamline payments and reduce transaction costs. Accept payments for purchase, reload, and gift using credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Paypal.

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    Stellar Receipts

    Learn about consumer retail purchases by enabling receipt submissions via email or photo upload. Automatically validate receipt items and award points based on product value and applicable promotions.

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    Stellar Clienteling

    Empower employees and sales staff by making all information about a consumer as well as applicable products and promotions available in an easy-to-use tablet interface.

REWARD - Reward and recognize consumers for their loyalty

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    Stellar Points

    Award points using one or more point systems. Flexible loyalty-domain specific rules engine enables different base and promotional earn and redemption rules to be defined and combined. Assign consumers to different tier levels.

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    Stellar Rewards

    Reward consumers with physical merchandise, digital goods, gift cards, reward certificates etc. Integrate with external reward providers. Support consumer driven and rules driven redemptions as well as surprise and delight.

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    Stellar Badges

    Recognize consumers by awarding them collector and status badges that can be displayed on their profiles and shared on social channels including Facebook.

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    Stellar Sweepstakes

    Give all consumers a chance to win something substantial without waiting for a long period to build up their points balance. Allow entering sweepstakes for points or as a prize for responding to challenges or other engagement.