In today’s fast-paced world of restaurants, speed matters across the entire operation. From the speed of service to the speed of the technology that supports it, this is a race you can’t afford to lose.

Does your loyalty partner appreciate and embrace this mindset of agility and speed to market? That same sense of urgency needs to be applied to your loyalty program as consumers continue to look for instant gratification.

The importance of speed in delivering differentiated and value-generating loyalty systems to help restaurants gain an edge — quickly — in a highly competitive industry cannot be overstated. Yet many restaurants are getting by with a legacy loyalty system that can’t keep up.

Here are just a few ways speed should play a role in your loyalty solution:

Speed to Launch New Loyalty Programs and Offerings

Your partner needs to design your loyalty program with the purpose of helping you take new concepts and ideas and materialize them with true speed. For example, can your partner launch a loyalty and engagement web and mobile app program in just a few months, including strategy and design to configuration, testing and go-live?

When Old Chicago Pizza, the craft beer authority and member of the CraftWorks family, was looking to replace its legacy solution with a more modern solution to support its highly popular OC Rewards loyalty program, it took just 10 weeks to complete the transition. That includes project initiation, design, rules set-up, program configuration, POS and order system integrations, and testing and successful rollout. It has since been deployed to more than 100 Old Chicago locations and supports more than 2 million members.  

Download the full Old Chicago case study here.

Speed to Innovate

In addition, your partner should roll out new offers, update rewards, and technology updates, every few weeks so you keep your loyalty program fresh and attractive to your guests.

Speed to Measure & Refine

Finally, purpose-built loyalty analytics should be embedded into your partner’s platform to provide access to real-time actionable intelligence for analyzing, refining and improving the program and guest interactions – in real-time, not days, weeks or months after extracting data into a report.

Speed and innovation are in our DNA at Stellar Loyalty. Learn more about how to pick up the pace with your loyalty program in our “Legacy Loyalty System Upgrade Guide.

Download the Legacy Loyalty  System Upgrade Guide

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