Keeping pace with the expectations of the modern restaurant guest to earn their loyalty can be complex. It means mapping the guest journey and creating a strategy that masters all channels to transform guest data into a competitive advantage. Yet, many restaurants are “getting by” with legacy loyalty solutions that aren’t allowing them to be true contenders in this hyper-competitive market.

Having a loyalty strategy and technology that can keep up is key. But what does that solution look like? As you start to explore your options, here are a few key qualities and capabilities you’ll need:

Speed and Innovation BUILT IN

The pace of business and innovation in the loyalty space is rapid. Picture this: your city’s NBA team just won their playoff series and are going to the championships, are you able to create and send a promotion to all your self-identified fans to come into your store today for a special offer? Find a partner who embraces an accelerated mindset focused on quality and speed to market, and make sure your solution is prepared for swift technology advancements, new capabilities, and surprise promotions for sports fans.

Rich Mobile Apps and Mobile Differentiation

Not including mobile in your loyalty strategy is simply not an option, so make sure your team has the mobile experience needed to help you compete in this crowded landscape. Does your mobile app integrate ordering, promotions, engagement, and rewards into a seamless native experience, and take advantage of push and location capabilities to deliver a relevant experience to your guests? Ask your potential partners what their tactics are for differentiating mobile strategies and experiences.

Personalized Omni-Channel Experiences

Your loyalty solution needs to be able to co-exist with your other digital properties including, but not limited to, your website. Make sure that you’re able to present a gorgeous user experience that runs on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Look for a solution that can easily and quickly integrate with social platforms to allow you to easily engage with guests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you’re struggling with less than stellar loyalty results, it’s time to rethink your loyalty solution.  Our new Legacy Loyalty Upgrade Guide provides more insights on how to modernize your program.

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