Earlier this month, fresh off the NASPL Professional Development Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee, we shared some thoughts on the lottery and loyalty, and how, in many ways, the challenges and opportunities presented to lotteries mirror those of the consumer goods industry.

Although we don’t often think about a lottery ticket as a consumer good, at the end of the day, they are sold in the same way with the retailer acting as the consumer-facing entity. Lotteries are entirely independent from but wholly reliant on their retailers. This can make it challenging to create a consumer connection and build loyalty. However, the market itself is going through major changes as digital transformation takes hold, creating whole new opportunities for lotteries to interact with consumers through kiosks, mobile and the web .

This week, we’re excited to attend the 2017 Annual Conference of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL 2017) in Portland, Oregon, with our partner Pollard Banknote. This event, themed Shift! Your Game, reflects upon the need for lotteries to shift their thinking and operational approaches to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment – younger, more tech-focused and potentially, more social.   Leaders from lotteries across North America and other related enterprises will share insights and ideas on how to make that shift happen to the best advantage of the lottery brands, their products and their customers.

So what are some examples of how lotteries are working to change the experience in this digital age? Think about how traditional draw games such as the Powerball and Mega Millions work: the players pick their numbers, head to the retailer, spend time waiting in line to get their slip, fill it out, and then finally wait to see if their numbers are called. In a world of instant gratification, that’s a lot of steps and a lot of waiting. What can be done to shift the industry into something more convenient and more consistently satisfying?

Enter digital play slips.

Player’s lives today revolve around mobile, so creating mobile game apps can make it incredibly easy to pick a game and pick your numbers in seconds (or shake the device for a random pick!). For players who consistently play the same numbers, the app allow users to reorder their favorite numbers again, and again. With a digital ticket, all that’s left is scanning the barcode generated on the phone the next time a player pops into the retailer.

The benefits of this style of play are many and significant. Players no longer have to decipher the small print on the tickets, or inquire how to play — all that information is made easily accessible in the palm of their hands. It’s fast and frictionless, everything is done before even stepping into the retailer. There’s no concern over misplacing a ticket because everything is saved to the device, which in turn makes it seamless to check numbers on the day of the draw. Players can easily be introduced to and offered new game alternatives to try based on preferences and prior behavior.

There are many more innovative ways lotteries are embracing digital transformation to rebrand themselves, appeal to new consumers and meet and exceed their expectations. For an up close and personal look at how one lottery is implementing these innovations now, visit us at NASPL 2017. We’ll show you how to build rich player interaction profile databases, bring to market a powerful mobile app, and segment and tailor campaigns to engage, motivate and reward members. We hope to see you there!