With college bowl fever upon us, I thought I’d shared a moment that combines college football with an amazing, “hands on” approach to appreciate the best of the gridiron.  While in Atlanta, a colleague and I were treated to an evening at the nearby College Football Hall of Fame, and we were blown away by the level of immersive experience this new museum offers.

The keys to what make it so wonderful and memorable is its extraordinary degree of personalization and interactivity.

Here’s a play-by-play of what we experienced and the valuable lessons we took away:

From the snap

At the moment you check into the museum, you receive a RFID badge with a code that lets you enter the name of your favorite college football team along with your email address and zip code. Instantly, the helmet of your team of choice lights up on a huge wall, and the RFID badge proceeds to preload your school information to customize each exhibit you are about to see.

The Takeaway: By quickly and simply identifying a guest’s attributes and preferences at the very start, you can create a rich sense of personalization throughout the journey, heightening each guests’ enjoyment.

Making First Down

At the start of the museum tour, there is a room with interactive touchscreen monitors mounted vertically enabling guests to perform searches on players or schools. By moving the monitor (it’s on a gimbal), the screen scrolls. The content combined statistics, rich video, and moments of that college’s most valuable players.

The Takeaway: Employing unique movement and gestures with rich content add to the “wow” factor of an experience.

On First & Goal

On another part of the tour, you find yourself surrounded by team uniforms and highlight reels that are accompanied by interactive monitors for additional information searching.

The Takeaway: Combining the physical and digital experiences enriches the sense of involvement.

Hitting It through the Uprights

Finally, the museum really throws you into the action. Using virtual reality goggles, you feel like you are literally on the playing field. There is also a play-by-play booth that lets you call some of the most famous college football plays of all time.  The play-by-play is immediately available for playback as well as pushed into the cloud so you listen to your announcing skills when you return home.

And to cap it off, you can literally hit it through the uprights where there is a full-scale goal post where you can take on making an extra point in real life.

There are other incredibly fun activities to engage you, such as a “Learn the play” booth, a chance to face paint yourself with your school colors and have the photo of your face-painted-self sent to the cloud, as well as testing your ability to sing along with your school fight song.

The Takeaway: Immersive experiences combined with the ability to save the content to the cloud extended the experience way beyond the visit.

The Final Score

The experience created by the College Football Hall of Fame was so remarkably entertaining you don’t have to be a college football fan to enjoy it. I left the museum eager to tell my colleagues and friends about it and sharing some of the fun digital mementos of my time there. This new museum is a fantastic example of how immersive experiences built around the individual’s preferences can deliver a touchdown every time.