Hello and welcome to Stellar Loyalty!  We hope you enjoy the launch of our new website and join us on an exciting journey towards enhancing your customer loyalty strategies.

Today, I want to share with you some observations around the importance of your employees and their role in making your customer loyalty program successful.  I’ll give you three real world examples that happened to me – eliminating the names to protect the innocent.  In the spirit of being in the middle of an exciting baseball playoff season, I’ll go with a baseball analogy.

My first example involves a convenience store chain.

I downloaded the loyalty mobile application and found it to be very intuitive, attractive and compelling.  I was excited to get started interacting with this brand.

As I make my coffee and snack snack purchase, I show the clerk the loyalty code from the mobile app.  The clerk was confused, tried to process the code (unsuccessfully) and then admitted she didn’t know anything about the program….

Pop up – 1 away.

My second example was a specialty retail chain where there were promotions EVERYWHERE to join the loyalty program.

The call to action was to go to a clerk and pick up a card, and then proceed to the web to register the card with my email address.  When I asked the clerk for a loyalty card and I was met with a puzzled look.  The clerk had no idea what I was talking about….

Dribbler to 2nd base, 2 out.

My third example was another specialty retail chain.

In this case, when the clerk was ringing up my purchase he asked if I was a loyalty member.  I replied, “No, what do I get?”

The clerk fumbled and mumbled and, in essence, he couldn’t explain the three simple reasons why the program would be compelling to me.

Needless to say, I didn’t join.

Strike three – you’re out.  The side is retired.

The common element with all three examples is the important role your employees play as ambassadors to your loyalty strategy.  You can have the most beautiful mobile application and the best messaging to join, but if the last mile with your employees is broken, to continue the baseball analogy – your inning is over.

In today’s digital world, we sometimes forget how important the human element is with customers.  Employee training is critical to ensure your team makes it to the playoffs.

Enjoy the game!